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These are our following products we are dealing with

Solar Power Generator(0-100KVA)

Solar powered generators are a great replacement for traditional gas powered models. They do not put out any noxious fumes and are virtually silent, making them perfect for indoor use. Also, there are no moving parts which nearly eliminates required maintenance. They have the ability to power all of the same devices that a gas generator can given similar wattage outputs. They are also capable of directly powering DC (direct current) products making them perfect for camping, RV's and specifically designed low voltage appliances for a residence. A solar powered generator captures energy from the sun through solar panels or cells and stores the juice in self contained batteries. They can also be charged entirely or supplementary by a residential wind turbine and by connecting them to a standard AC (alternating current) wall socket. A car charger is also an option with most units. The flexibility in power recharging sources can help insure that the owner will have emergency (or day to day, for those off grid) power when needed or desired.


Solar Power Plant (Off-Grid/On-Grid)

Power Plant can be designed as per the requirement of individuals to entire village, society and town. Installation of Power Plant varies from 1 KW to any capacity required.

Both On Grid (Without Back up) and Off Grid (With Power Back) can be catered. The Central Government through MNRE is offering capital subsidy for solar power plant can be used in Hybrid mode with conventional electricity.

Module of up to 300 WP can be used for designing the same. Covered in village remote electrification programe of Central Government which offers 90% subsidy for approved village electrification.

No cost of electricity other than capital cost and negligible maintenance cost.
The Performance guarantee of 15-25 years of Solar Modules used in power plant.


Solar Home Lighting Solutions

Solar Home Lighting System (SHLS) harnesses the sun's energy to light up your home and power your small appliances. With benefits that extend both to your wallet and to the environment, Su-Kam's Solar Home Lighting System is not just a 'brilliant' idea; it is a responsible' one.

Providing illumination powered from the sun's renewable energy, the solar cells in the system convert the sun's energy directly to electricity. This electricity is stored in the battery and used for lighting whenever required.

Su-Kam's Solar Home Lighting System, compact, portable and easily mountable, is an economical solution to all your power problems and comes in an easy-to-install kit.


Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heating (SWH) or solar hot water (SHW) systems comprise several innovations and many mature renewable energy technologies that have been well established for many years. SWH has been widely used in Australia, Austria, China, Cyprus, Greece, India, Israel, Japan and Turkey.

In a 'close-coupled' SWH system the storage tank is horizontally mounted immediately above the solar collectors on the roof. No pumping is required as the hot water naturally rises into the tank through thermosiphon flow. In a "pump-circulated" system the storage tank is ground- or floor-mounted and is below the level of the ollectors. a circulating pump moves water or heat transfer fluid between the tank and the collectors. SWH systems are designed to deliver hot water for most of the year. However, in winter there sometimes may not be sufficient solar heat gain to deliver sufficient hot water. In this case a gas or electric booster is normally used to heat the water.


Solar Street Lights

We are the supplier of Solar Street Lights with fine quality. We have an entire range of street lighting system consisting of CFL's, LED's and sodium vapour types in all power ranges. Our company has an arrangement for timer for lights wherever needed for power savings.

All the solar power street lights come with or without pole versions and have dusk to dawn operations. We offer solar energy street lights for foggy and misty conditions. Saur Oorja Solution also have power backup options of upto 5 days in case of bad weather conditions. All the products are customized and suit the requirements of our customers. The entire solar agricultural light system is weather proof and maintenance free.


Solar Garden Lights

We present an enduring collection of solar garden lights, widely used in various industrial units. Our solar powered garden lights are available in two types. Our solar garden lights can work for two days for non-shine days. Moreover, we make our products customized according to the requirement of our customers. Manufactured from superior quality mild steel they exhibit impressive performance and require barest minimum maintenance. The main aspect of our outdoor solar garden lights is that it switches on automatically at dusk and switches off at dawn. High illumination and wireless tendency has together makes us as one of the paramount solar garden lights manufacturers.


Solar Swimming Pool Water Heaters

You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar pool heater. They're cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. Actually, solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates.

Most solar pool heating systems include the following:

A solar collector -- the device through which pool water is circulated to be heated by the sun
A filter -- removes debris before water is pumped through the collector
A pump -- circulates water through the filter and collector and back to the pool
A flow control valve -- automatic or manual device that diverts pool water through the solar collector.
Pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collector(s), where it is heated before it is returned to the pool. In hot climates, the collector(s) can also be used to cool the pool during peak summer months by circulating the water through the collector(s) at night.

Some systems include sensors and an automatic or manual valve to divert water through the collector(s) when the collector temperature is sufficiently greater than the pool temperature. When the collector temperature is similar to the pool temperature, filtered water simply bypasses the collector(s) and is returned to the pool.


Solar Fencing

When an animal or human being comes into contact with the electric Fence, they receive a sharp, short, painful but safe electric shock. The shock does not cause any physical damage. The electric fence acts as a strong psychological barrier as any intruder avoid coming into contact with the electric Fence once they experience the shock. After a period of conditioning, the mere presence of the fence acts as an effective barrier even if it is not powered 'ON'.

Electric fence can be made to detect a fault on the fence like shorting or cutting of the wire due to tampering on the fence with the Alarm system.

Special features of the Solar Electric Fence System

Electric Fence can be built alongside existing fences except in case of barbed wire fences.

Existing posts can be made use of provided the corner / end poles are strong.
The shock does not physically harm animals or human beings.
The Solar Electric Fence System conforms to National and international Standards.
The Solar Energizers are tested by ETDC, Govt. of India


Solar Water Pumps

From irrigation of fields to remote home or village water supply, solar water pumps are well suited and proven to meet water pumping needs, using solar energy.The solar water pumping system is a stand-alone system operating on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) system. The power generated by solar cells is used for operating a submersible pump for lifting water from bore/open well or water reservoir.